Plus five mistakes most businesses make on social

Smartphone displaying Instagram login screen

At FreeByrd, we’ve used Instagram as our primary social media channel for marketing up until recently. We’ve marketed toward hairstylists, hair educators, and any professional in the beauty industry, and where do those people love to hang out? Instagram.

It’s been an interesting market to tap into because the thing…

Stuck writing copy for your website?

Not sure if it’s ‘good enough’?

Confused on whether or not it’s converting?

Oh, the plight of figuring out your website copy!

Whether you’re an online entrepreneur just getting your start, or an enterprise company with multiple funnels, CTA’s and target audience segments, your…

Jennifer Neel

Human-centric, data-driven Marketing Director @ FreeByrd. Writing about tech, startups and B2B marketing. Fueled by coffee and dark chocolate.

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