Why Bloggers Should Hire Other Bloggers To Write Their Content

If you’re already a well established blogger and are still the only one writing all of your own content, think again if you want to remain relevant in 2020. Not only does hiring another blog writer to perform the writing of some of your content help alleviate some of your time and energy so you can focus on other business-building tasks, it can help you stay relevant by offering readers fresh perspectives on pieces of content you may have avoided writing or never would have thought to in the first place.

Two heads are better than one, right?

This line of thinking certainly comes into play when thinking about the content you’re producing on your blog. Whether you focus on fashion, health and wellness, beauty, skincare, or travel and lifestyle, your blog should provide readers a well-rounded library of content to choose from.

Why Established Bloggers Struggle

As you grow and scale as, first, a writer, and secondly, a business owner, it’s probably becoming more and more tedious for you to provide readers with content other than the personal storytelling that you authentically want to share. Either that, or topics that are extremely exciting to you, are probably on the forefront of what you’re proactive about writing.

You most likely also have a favorite length of blog you prefer to write. For me, I prefer the long-form pieces of content that are also most powerful for your blog’s SEO health (and compounding growth). It might even be more difficult for you to focus on longer pieces of content simply due to how time consuming they can be to write, and because writing shorter pieces of content, around 500–800 words, tend to be more popular due to how easy they are to repurpose on social media channels.

The Problems This Creates For A Blog

The problem with this is your blog can become stale, readers can become bored (no matter how engaging your content is), and your blog’s growth can stagnant without continuing to follow a full-bodied strategy that incorporates multiple blog lengths, content pillars, and SEO keywords.

As you know by now, blog growth takes consistency, strategy, and time. But as you grow confident in the results you’ve already created, and the strength of your personal storytelling abilities, discipline can wane and you may hit a wall when it comes to create content that is relevant, timely, educational, and valuable.

Put simply: you’re at the point where you only want to write about what you want to write about!

Trying to fit your words into an SEO strategy (that may or may not need a refresh), create longer pieces of content with click-worthy headlines, and keep up with the amount of content you need to produce to stay relevant isn’t as appealing as it once was, if it ever was.

Top Five Reasons To Hire A Blog Writer As A Blogger

  1. You get to write what you want to write: The days of dragging your feet and taking a day to write what used to only take you two hours are over! This may seem like a selfish benefit, but it benefits your readers as well because you are only writing what you are most skilled and passionate about. That way, any content that you know you need to produce, but most likely won’t do so to your best abilities, will be written at the high-level quality your readers deserve.
  2. You’re content or creativity won’t be stuck: Let’s be honest, we all can get stuck creatively or start to sound the same in our content. By adding a second writer to your blog, you’ll have the opportunity to keep your blog’s energy refreshed and get their feedback about other pieces of content that might prove more valuable to your strategy. Working with another blog writer, they’re already going to be in the mindset of what’s most beneficial to your type of readership and your style of blog, versus a copywriter or content writer who isn’t as focused on writing blogs.
  3. You’ll strengthen your brand’s voice: Especially when we’ve been the one’s writing our own content and being at the forefront of a blog (that doubles as a personal brand) for quite some time, we can get lost in our own brand voice. A second writer can shine a light on types of verbiage or language that you can use to strengthen your brand voice, or go deeper with the tone that you are using. We tend to start using the same words, phrases, and pattern of speaking (in this case, writing) after so long, so having a second writer can help sharpen areas you’ve waned in your brand voice or help it move in the direction it’s wanting to evolve.
  4. You have a second set of ears to your community: If part of your issue with your blog is the onset of burnout creeping in, a second writer coming in to write even just a few pieces is also going to be researching and listening in on your community to find out facts about what content they want to read (and how they want to read it). This is a major help if you’ve started to not pay as much attention to your community, or when your community has grown so large and active (whether it be on your actual blog or on your social media accounts) that you honestly can only do so much to stay engaged and listen to what they’re saying.
  5. It’s cost effective and time efficient: I know, I know, you’ve already got plenty of other expenses with your blog. Hosting, Ad spend, influencer or brand agreements, designers… you name it! Do you really want to shell out another $1500-$2500 on your blog when “you can just do it yourself”? Yes, yes, YES! Think of it this way: the more you slow down, become less efficient, and less inspired to write content you know will keep your blog growing, the more slow down opportunities for revenue streams or growing your traffic. Also, like mentioned in number one, it’s time efficient. You’ll free up your time, energy, and mental space to focus on other business growing activities that maybe you haven’t had the time before because of your focus on writing.

As we approach the end of the year and the entering of an entirely new decade, I’m sure you’ve been working diligently to put together your content marketing plan for the next 3–6 months, at minimum. When reviewing the pieces of content you have planned for your blog, ask yourself:

- Do I feel like this content provides my readers with a full-bodied, well-rounded library of content, or is there too much of one type of pillar?

- How will I know it’s time to switch up my strategy, or include a new pillar of content for my readers?

- Did I struggle within the last 6 months to produce any of these types of pieces myself?

- What about my blog, if anything, do I really dislike doing/writing about, that if I had the option, I’d take off my plate completely?

- Do I still feel excited and energized when looking at this content plan, and am I confident I will still reach my measures of success?

Whether you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring another writer for some of your blog pieces, or are just starting to think about it after reading this, you should always be checking in with yourself about your satisfaction with yourself as a blogger, and the results you’re seeing with your efforts.

Remember why you began your blog to begin with, the goals you want to reach, and the valuable service it provides your growing community. Could you be doing a better job at leaving the impact you want to create by passing off some of your wordsmithing to someone else?

Comment below with your thoughts on hiring another writer for your blog! Is this something you’ve done before, are actively doing, or haven’t because it makes you nervous? Let us know!

Human-centric, data-driven Marketing Director @ FreeByrd. Writing about tech, startups and B2B marketing. Fueled by coffee and dark chocolate.

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